Dana White Explained Why Ronda Rousey Stormed Off The Stage In A Huff After Her UFC 205 Appearance

Many of us were surprised on Friday during the UFC 205 weigh-ins when none other than Ronda Rousey herdamnself actually made an appearance at a real live UFC event.

After all, it had been over a year since Rousey had appeared at a UFC event, aka when she lost her title to Holly Holm.

Rousey, who apparently already has one foot out the MMA door, was there to promote her upcoming title fight with Amanda Nunes set for December 30th at UFC 207.

However, after doing the requisite face-off for photos with Nunes, Rousey stormed off the stage without speaking a word, while Nunes stayed on stage and was interviewed by Joe Rogan.

UFC President Dana White even tried to grab Rousey’s arm to keep her on the stage, but she just wasn’t having it…

It wasn’t a good look for the former champ who has not been at all media friendly since her shocking loss.

Now, however, White has come forward and explained why Rousey left the stage, and according to him it isn’t because she was angry.

Reports MMA Junkie

“She was never supposed to speak, and neither was Amanda,” White said. “My production guy screwed that up. It made Ronda look bad again – like she just stormed off.

“They were not supposed to do an interview. They were supposed to go out there and square off, and they were both supposed to walk away.”

So why did White grab Rousey’s arm before her exit? The UFC exec said he was simply getting Rousey in position to face the cameras while they attempted to get the belt on Nunes’ shoulder.

“We’re not perfect all the time,” White said. “Our team … made a lot of mistakes coming into this event that I’m not happy about.”

As far as whether Rousey will, in fact, speak to the media at any point prior to UFC 207…

“She was on (‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’),” White said. “She’s doing (‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’). She’s doing all the talk shows. Is she going to talk to (the MMA media)? I don’t know.”

Now White could very well be telling the truth here and Rousey wasn’t supposed to stick around, ORRRR he’s covering for her petty ass because she’s one of the UFC’s big meal tickets. Knowing Dana White it really could be either one.