Danica Patrick Went Undercover As A Lyft Driver And Somehow People Had No Idea It Was Her

Of all the NASCAR drivers in the world, if there were one driver who people might actually recognize it would have to be Danica Patrick. Not only is she famous for being THE ONLY female driver on the circuit, but she has also been in so many commercials hardly a person in America hasn’t seen her face at least once.

At the very least you’d think every person in America had seen her in at least one of the 84 million times* her GoDaddy commercials aired for God’s sake (*guesstimate).

One lady actually did recognize her, but the rest seemed pretty much oblivious. There was even a guy who said that Danica was his favorite NASCAR driver when she asked and he had no clue.

Apparently the “super confusing” disguise of a stocking cap and sunglasses was too much for some people. This despite the fact that she was dropping hints all over the damn place as to who she really was. You know, like constantly talking ABOUT RACING while she was driving.

Of course people in San Francisco had no idea Jerry Freaking Rice was their driver when Lyft pulled this same stunt during Super Bowl week so what else should we expect?

Watch and be amazed at how clueless people can be.

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