Danny Green May Have Leaked Anthony Davis Is Signing Massive Contract With The Lakers In Deleted Instagram Post

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Did Danny Green just leak news about Anhony Davis’ future with the Lakers?

The Lakers big man is currently a free agent but is expected to re-sign with the Lakers in the coming weeks. Davis is currently considering either taking a short term deal or the five-year max.


Davis, 27, has several possible scenarios on a new deal with the Lakers, including a three-year, $106 million contract that would include a player option for the 2022-23 season β€” a structure that would align Davis with the end of LeBron James’ deal.

Davis could do a two-year, $68 million deal with an option after next year β€” or longer deals for four years ($146.7 million) and five years ($189 million).

On Saturday night, Green congratulated Davis on social media and then deleted the post which led to several questions from fans.



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