Davante Adams Ignites Rumor Mill Regarding Raiders And Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

With Tom Brady announcing his retirement many are wondering what the next move is for Aaron Rodgers. Well, it sounds like Davante Adams might have an idea.

At the very least, the Las Vegas Raiders’ star wide receiver is lit up the rumor mill with just one tweet.

Late Monday night going into early Tuesday morning, Davante Adams was doing a Q and A on Twitter. One question was centered around Aaron Rodgers.

Adams didn’t hesitate and responded with just one word. Since then, the rumor mill has basically been on fire within Raider nation.

First of all, Aaron Rodgers moving to Las Vegas makes sense. The franchise wants an immediate upgrade at quarterback and Rodgers is the only real option available.

Everyone else on the table in free agency is about the same level of a quarterback as Derek Carr. Meanwhile, the NFL Draft is basically a lottery.

So, it would make sense for the Raiders to potentially pursue a trade for Rodgers. If that were to happen, Davante Adams would likely be through the roof about it.

When Adams was first traded to Las Vegas, it was a bit of a shock for most of the football world. Even so, it sounds like he’s ready to reunite with Rodgers.

Of course, Raiders fans can’t help but express excitement from Davante Adams’ statement.

These graphics are made so fast.

Nothing is set in stone. However, we’re sure the rumor mill is only going to heat up as the offseason progresses. Especially with Davante Adams teasing a reunion with Aaron Rodgers.