David Carr Gets Crushed By The Internet After He Tried To Criticize Jameis Winston Over Football Workout Video

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Jameis Winston is currently looking for another job after getting replaced by Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

Last season, Winston was all over the place. He led the NFL with 30 interceptions but was also able to throw for more than 5,000 yards and 33 touchdowns.

Despite the fact that no team has currently reached out to him, Winston is still working on his game. On Thursday, Jameis posted a video on Twitter where he attempted to show off his pocket presence/awareness with an odd workout drill.

For whatever reason retired NFL player turned analyst, David Carr, who happens to be the brother of Raiders QB Derek Carr, fired shots at Winston over his workout drill video.

Carr, whose NFL career fizzled out after getting drafted #1 overall in 2003, was immediately crushed by NFL fans over his criticism of Winston.

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