A Dead Body Was Found In A Porta Potty Outside The Bengals Stadium

The NFL might have some serious issues going on with its players and overall leadership from Roger Goodell, but, after what just showed up in a porta potty in the parking lot of the Cincinnati Bengals’ stadium, there’s an even bigger issue going on.

According to Fox19.com‘s Nathan Vicar in Cincinnati, a dead body was found inside of a portable bathroom by a construction worker yesterday afternoon, leading to a police investigation as to what actually happened.

Vicar’s report mentions that Cincinnati Homicide Sgt. Mike Miller reported that the death”appears to be drug-related.” Still, this is the second time in the past five days that someone has died in or around Paul Brown Stadium, as a man died in a bathroom inside the stadium during the Bengals-Chiefs game after collapsing.

Below is a photo from the scene, which was tweeted by ABC9’s Briana Harper:


With another home game this weekend against the Seahawks, be careful out there, Bengals fans.

[H/T Bleacher Report, FOX19]

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