Coach Deion Sanders Misses Football Camp Due To Serious Injury: ‘He Could Lose (His) Foot’

Deion Sanders colorado head coach discussed injury

Getty Image / Matthew Jonas

Colorado’s head football coach Deion Sanders was set to be at the Morehouse football camp on Tuesday of this week but the former HBCU coach had to call it off.

Instead of just releasing a prepared statement about being unable to attend, Coach Prime shared a video where his doctors discussed the severity of his injury with him.

Deion Sanders acknowledged that he knew the potential complications as he currently only has 8 toes. One of his doctors then followed up saying that losing his foot is a possibility for Deion Sanders if the injury remains untreated.

Coach Sanders shared a short clip from Thee Pregame Show on Instagram of the discussion with his doctors. There is a longer version on YouTube we well.

The YouTube version is 11 minutes long with more information the injury affecting Deion’s left foot.

Dealing with chronic pain in his left foot, some of his arteries that were previously treated are only seeing two-thirds of the blood pressure in his arm. Left untreated, it could lead to numerous complications. At one point the doctors even mentioned ‘aneurysms’.

Following the advice of his doctors, Deion Sanders released a statement about his inability to attend the Morehouse football camp this week:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances that’s real, I unfortunately will not be attending the Morehouse camp on tomorrow. Im sorry. I apologize but I gotta take care of the body. Gotta take care of the body.”

The announcement was a major blow for the Morehouse and HBCU football community. Coach Deion Sanders is one of the biggest names in the game. But nobody would argue against his decision to prioritize his health when a doctor stood in front of him and told him he could lose his left foot if left untreated.

Meanwhile, the injury hasn’t stopped Deion Sanders from dominating on the recruiting trail. He picked up two huge commitment this week.