Deion Sanders Reveals How A Boom Box Made Him Realize The ‘Mess’ He’d Taken Over At Colorado

Deion Sanders Colorado Football coach

Getty Image / Paras Griffin

Much has been made about the changes that Deion Sanders made upon arrival at the University of Colorado after being hired as the new head coach.

Coach Prime came into Boulder like a hurricane and shook up the program immediately. He gave a rousing speech to his players about effort and invited anyone who isn’t up to the herculean task of improvement to quit.

This week, Deion Sanders sat with Joel Klatt for an interview where he discussed the complete ‘mess’ he inherited with the Colorado job. Coach Prime also discussed how it was a boom box that led him to realize how bad the Buffs’ culture was.

Speaking with Joel Klatt, Deion said “I go into this one room and music is playing. I said, ‘Excuse me. What is this?'” The unnamed player replied “Uh, coach, we always bring the boom box into our position meeting room.”

Deion Sanders then went on to tell Klatt:

“I said, ‘Have you lost your mind? If you ever bring music into one of my meetings, I promise you we will never see each other again in life.'”

“That’s the kind of junk that was going on, and I get rid of that and you’ve got a problem? They had no idea what was going on in this mess with that type of foolishness, after I just got finished challenging you as young men, telling you this room right here will not be the room we go to Fort Worth with. I promise you that. It’s going to be a lot of changes. It’s up to you to be one of those changes, and you gave it to me. You put it on a tee.”

Deion Sanders Discusses Colorado ‘Mess’ With Joel Klatt

Deion has been VOCAL lately. He recently sounded off about NIL and how he doesn’t “want players to be filthy rich.”

And somewhere, between all of these interviews, Deion Sanders has found time to get red hot on the recruiting trail. He just landed two 4-star commitments for his 2024 recruiting class.

Deion also updates his YouTube channel daily: