Deion Sanders Reveals The Insane Amount Of Money He And His Team Generated For Boulder

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Few athletes have the ability to steal the show every time they compete the way that Deion Sanders did in their playing days.

Now the former NFL and MLB  superstar is doing it again, this time in a coaching role. And he’s making the city he’s coaching in very, very wealthy in the process.

Sanders is in his first year as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes after an extremely successful stint at FCS program Jackson State.

He  signed a five-year, $29.5 million contract in December. And  Colorado athletic director Rick George admitted at the time that “we don’t have the money yet,” to pay him.

“But I know we’ll have it so I’m not worried about that piece,” he continued.

So far, it seems like the gamble and subsequent investment were good ones. And Sanders is well on track to more than pay back the university and the city of Boulder.

At least if his numbers are correct.

“They said the city made $18 million last weekend,” Sanders said in the latest Well Off Media video chronically his head coaching exploits.

The video also featured Philadelphia rappers turned podcasters Gillie da Kid and Wallo.

“The city love when you win. Because everybody around here win,” Gillie said. “Because when you win, you just don’t wanna go from (the stadium) home. When you lose, you wanna go ‘ughhh, man.’ You win, ‘let’s go to Rally’s pub, ahhhhhh!'”

Sanders then recalled a discussion he had with a member of the Colorado board of trustees where she told him that she couldn’t get a reservation for dinner anywhere the night before the Buffs’ win over Nebraska.

Colorado isn’t entirely new to the college football scene. The Buffaloes won a national title in 1990. But it’s been a long time since that level of excitement hit Boulder. And clearly it’s paying off in a big, big way for the city.