The Final Episode Of ‘The Last Dance’ Cemented Dennis Rodman’s Status As The True GOAT

ESPN’s 10-part documentary on the 1998 Chicago Bulls was supposed to be an ode to Michael Jordan and his greatness but instead, Dennis Rodman and his wild antics stole the show.

In the final episode of The Last Dance, the infamous story of Rodman skipping practice in the middle of the NBA finals to go hang out with Hulk Hogan and the NWO came to light and it was absolutely amazing.

Apparently, the WCW paid Rodman $250,000 for his brief appearance which more than covered the measly $20,000 fine from the NBA.

Following his appearance on WCW, Rodman hit a game-clinching free throw in a finals game against the Jazz and then celebrated the Bulls championship win a few days later by hitting the DX “suck it” crotch chop on the court.

After winning the title, Rodman spent some quality with the trophy and his then-girlfriend Carmen Electra.

Rodman may be a little wacky but he lived the life most of us could only dream of.