Dennis Schroder Is Reportedly In A ‘State Of Shock’ Over Rejecting Lakers’ $84 Million Deal And Only Getting $5.9 Million Offer From Celtics

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Dennis Schroder made a big mistake.

Back in March Schroder decided to reject an $84 million contract extension from the Lakers because at the time he reportedly believed that he would command $100 million in free agency.

Unfortunately for Schroder, he played terribly during the Lakers playoff run and all of his potential offers quickly evaporated. After a week into free agency, Schroder still hasn’t signed with a team and is reportedly in a “state of shock” over rejecting the $84 million offer from the Lakers.

Via Boston Herald

He’s only interested in one year, and then getting back out there,” said the source, who added that Schroder has also run into another problem — the sudden lack of available starting point guard jobs.
The Celtics have pitched Schroder the idea of backing up Marcus Smart next season.
“He needs time — I think he’s in a state of shock because of what he’s done,” the source said of Schroder turning down a four-year, $84 million offer last season from the Lakers, who responded by trading for Russell Westbrook.

Schroder currently only has a $5.9 million offer from the Celtics but he’s still holding out for a better deal.

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