Denver Broncos Insider Reveals Team’s Top Candidate For Head Coaching Vacancy

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Getty Image / Dustin Bradford

The Denver Broncos’ coaching situation has been a wild ride over the last year.

There was plenty of hope for their future when they hired Nathaniel Hackett after he had coached the Packers offense as Aaron Rodgers earned a pair of MVP awards.

That hire didn’t work out very well. Despite making a massive trade for Russell Wilson, the Broncos ended up with one of the league’s worst offenses.

They fired Hackett before the season was over.

That left them once again looking for a head coach this offseason.

The team has been linked with some big names during their head coaching search.

Jim Harbaugh, Sean Payton, and Dan Quinn were all named as candidates for the job, which made it appear that the Broncos were looking for a bit more experience this time around.

Now it doesn’t look like any of them will actually the man to get the job. Harbaugh is heading back to Michigan, Quinn is sticking with the Cowboys, and Payton has been reported as not being their top choice.

Now their top choice has reportedly been revealed.

According to Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright, DeMeco Ryans is the top candidate for the job.

DeMeco Ryans might not be as big of a name as some of the other coaches the Broncos were linked to, but he is definitely a coach that is generating plenty of interest this year.

As the 49ers’ defensive coordinator, Ryans has coached one of the league’s best defenses for the past 2 years.

That defense has helped the team reach the NFC Championship Game in each of those seasons.

The Denver Broncos will have to wait to be able to interview Ryans for the job, but based on his first two years as a defensive coordinator, he could be worth the wait.