Denver Broncos Unveil New Motto, Even Worse And Sadder Than “Let’s Ride”

Russell Wilson

David Eulitt/Getty Image

The Denver Broncos have managed to unveil a team motto that is even sadder than the one from their dismal 2022 season, “Let’s Ride!”

Introducing “Uncommon” as their new chant, the Broncos seem to have missed the mark once again, leaving fans and critics scratching their heads.

Last season when the Broncos unveiled their previous team motto, “Let’s Ride,” which was met with widespread disdain. The phrase became the subject of ridicule, especially after footage of Russell Wilson repeatedly saying “Let’s Ride” surfaced, further amplifying its cringe-worthy nature.

Unfortunately for the Broncos, the 2022 season turned out to be a forgettable one, as they stumbled to a disappointing 5-12 record.

Last year was undeniably strange for the Broncos. The acquisition of former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who forgotten stopped playing football at a high level, left fans perplexed and disappointed.

The Broncos unofficially unveiled their new team motto, “Uncommon,” last week. Offensive guard Ben Powers was spotted wearing a shirt bearing the the slogan.

When asked by media about the meaning behind the motto, Powers explained that it symbolizes the rarity of winning football in the NFL. He argued that winning is a difficult feat, as evidenced by the fact that there is only one Super Bowl champion each year. However, while the intention behind the motto may be to convey a never-give-up mentality, it falls short in its execution.

It’s difficult to imagine the Broncos’ new motto, “Uncommon,” resonating positively with fans. Rather than instilling confidence and enthusiasm, it carries a sense of resignation and a tacit acknowledgment of the team’s struggles.

The Broncos’ decision to embrace such a lackluster slogan is puzzling, especially considering the potential for alternative phrases that could have instilled measured expectations while maintaining a sense of optimism.

While the NFL has seen its fair share of questionable slogans over the years, “Uncommon” might take the crown for the worst of them all. Its lack of depth and uninspiring nature only serve to dampen the spirits of Broncos fans who were hoping for a fresh start and a brighter future.

As the Denver Broncos gear up for the upcoming season, they may need to reconsider their motto once again to restore hope and confidence among their loyal supporters.