Four-Star Safety Deontay Anderson Jumped Out Of A Plane To Announce His Commitment, Just Like The Old Days

It almost seems like it’s better to be a high school football player in their senior year than it is a college football player these days. Because instead of faxing your intentions, you get to do fun shit, like sky dive out of an airplane to announce your commitment while someone else foots the bill. Whereas in college, it’s an NCAA violation to put more than two toppings on your pizza.

Hot Totty, it is. Not a bad choice at all. Do your best to survive The Grove, dude.

As I’ve said before, like when Daelin Hayes channeled the Dark Knight to announce his allegiance to Notre Dame, it’s kind of deflating that videos being released by high school players to announce where they’re playing college football are becoming more entertaining than most movies, especially since half of them are shitty reboots.

[H/T @BleacherReport]

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