Derek Jeter Forces Tremendous Jerk to Abandon “Overrated” Chant By Doubling

The 85th All-Star Game is all about Derek Jeter. Just like the commercial, players have been excessively tipping their caps in his general direction and the lovefest is in full swing.

One loudmouth at Target Field didn’t get the memo, however, and bravely tried to get an “OVER-RATED” chant going when the New York Yankees captain stepped into the batter’s box for his first time.

You see, if there’s one knock on the 20-year veteran’s game, it’s that he’s easily thrown off by vocal detractors. A real hothead, that Jeets.

The verbose fan was summarily put in his place when Jeter drove a ball down the right-field line for a double his trademark inside-out swing.

Impeccable timing.

[H/T: Mike Shamburger]