RE2PECT To Derek Jeter’s Troll Game After He ‘Rickrolled’ Fans

With a dating record that’s longer than, well, it’s long, and a baseball career that stretched 20 years and earned him five World Series titles, there’s nothing but RE2PECT to former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

Even with all of his success, Jeter was capable of keeping a low profile as best he could, hiding the fact that he was slaying broads left and right in any number of places in New York City and never getting onto the social media train.

After launching The Players’ Tribune following his playing career—an outlet for athletes to write first-person stories—Jeter introduced a fan mailbag, giving them a quick glimpse into what it’s like to interact with The Captain

And, dammit, Jeter got the fucking best of us.

After answering some boring ass questions in typical Jeter form, he ends the conversation with a troll job that you can’t help but admire, leading fans to believe he actually just got a Twitter account—and promptly leading those who clicked the link to be ‘Rickrolled’.

From hustling President Obama on the golf course to this little Internet job, Derek Jeter seems to have started a troll streak that surpasses any one of the hit streaks he had while playing baseball.

[H/T CBS Sports]

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