Derrick Rose Wore A Shirt With That Meme Of His Son’s Face On It, Shows A Solid Sense Of Humor

by 3 years ago

// been a rough few years for Chicago Bulls All-Star and former league MVP Derrick Rose, but he showed after tonight’s game against the OK City Thunder that all his bad luck hasn’t ruined his sense of humor.

Talking to reporters in the Bulls locker room, D-Rose answered questions from the media with the most outrageous tee I’ve ever seen, wearing the face of that meme of his son P.J. from last year’s playoff series on it.


LeBron James may show up in flashy hats, Russell Westbrook in Tin Man-like outfits, but Rose’s tee is leading the NBA sartorial contest in the young season.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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