A Graphic Designer Created Uniforms And Helmets For Defunct NFL Teams And They’re Incredibly Cool

Yesterday we shared some truly badass Rock N’ Roll-themed football helmets designed by Imgur user DarthBrooksIMGUR. We thought they were so cool that the NFL should adopt them and use them for at least one weekend during the season. (Think of the money they could make – and we know they’re all about the mighty dollar.)

After sharing those designs, DarthBrooksIMGUR dropped me an email telling me about how he also created some helmet and uniform designs for some of the long-lost, now defunct NFL franchises like the Canton Bulldogs, Dayton Triangles, Pottsville Maroons, Duluth Eskimos and others.

These are teams that are from so long ago that back then they didn’t have logos so he went ahead and created some modernized versions of what he thinks their uniforms might look like if the franchises were still in existence today. What he came up with, well, it’s pretty damn awesome.

Check them out…

And here’s an even closer look at a few of the sweet helmets. Amazing…

Be sure to check even more of the talented artist’s work over at Imgur. Bro’s got some mad skills.

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