Devin Booker Puts Out Cryptic Tweet That Appears To Fire Back At Haters Over NBA 2k23 Cover Appearance

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  • Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker had his best season yet in 2021-22, making First-Team All-NBA for the first time.
  • Booker’s incredible season also landed him a spot as the cover athlete for NBA 2k23.
  • Fans have been hating on the selection, prompting Booker to fire back on Twitter.

Devin Booker is everywhere in the news these days.

The Phoenix Suns superstar led his team to the NBA Finals in 2020-21. He made First-Team All-NBA in 2021-22. He’s reportedly the reason Kevin Durant wants to play in Phoenix, and he’s the cover athlete for NBA 2k23.

That last point seemed to not sit so well with NBA fans on Twitter. Fans across the league felt like Booker wasn’t a worthy cover athlete.

Phoenix Suns fans quickly raced to the defense of their star player.

Eventually, Booker himself seemed to have enough of the haters and chimed in on his own behalf.

Booker’s exasperation is understandable. He’s unquestionably been one of the league’s best players over the past two seasons and has turned the Suns from a joke into one of the league’s most formidable franchises. But it also seems a bit silly he’d be bothered by such things.

After all, life is pretty good for him these days.

Haters aside, it’s a pretty good time to be Devin Booker. Things may get even better if the Suns can work out a trade for Durant and Booker becomes positioned to win his first NBA Championship.

For now though, he’s stuck firing off cryptic tweets that we’ll continue to ascribe meaning to.