Dez Bryant Threatens To Break Chad Wheeler’s Face After Wheeler Was Arrested For Allegedly Attempting To Kill His Girlfriend

Dez Bryant has a bone to pick with former Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler.

Over the weekend, Wheeler was arrested after he allegedly strangled his girlfriend until she was unconscious because she refused to bow to him.

Via Seattle Times

The report said the incident began when Wheeler asked the victim to bow to him, and when she did not he grabbed her and threw her on a bed.

The report said Wheeler then strangled the victim before she lost consciousness. The report also said when she regained consciousness, Wheeler was standing near the bed and said, “Wow you’re alive?”

The victim then ran into the bathroom where she called 911 and family, according to the report. Wheeler picked the lock on the door and entered before officers arrived.

Bryant heard about the story and issued a warning towards Wheeler on Twitter.