Dez Bryant Crashed a High School Homecoming Dance

Dez Bryant

The Dallas Cowboys’ trouncing of the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night was a giant surprise at the time. But it makes much more sense now that we know how Dez Bryant spent the previous night.

Oh yeah. That’s how the elite athletes prepare for a big game. Nothing gets the mind right like some red punch and awkward slow-dancing.

A little context here in case you think the wide receiver is just cruising local high schools. The dance was being held at the Cowboys’ team hotel and Bryant apparently couldn’t find anything good to order from room service.

It all went down at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine, TX — just outside of Dallas — where a group of high school kids were getting ready to leave the dance when a black Bentley rolled up. 

We spoke with Kevin — one of the kids in the group — who tells us when thy realized the man in the car was #88, they started “throwing up the X” — Dez’s signature TD celebration … and he came over to hang out. 

“We all freaked out and asked for a picture,” Kevin says … who tells us Dez was super-nice to everyone and struck pose after pose until everyone got a pic. 

“He was an awesome guy … and extremely kind to all of us.”

[H/T: TMZ]


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