Diamond Dallas Page Went OFF On Dan Le Batard, Dropping F-Bombs And Calling Him A Monkey

by 2 years ago
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In professional wrestling, as we all know, what appears to be one thing often turns out to be scripted. Well, today on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz Diamond Dallas Page most definitely went off script.

Page, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame over WrestleMania 33 weekend, was asked by Le Batard to discuss the legendary story of how he and Scott Steiner got into a brawl while with WCW back in 2001.

During the melee it was reported that Steiner was so incensed that he tried to rip DDP’s eyes out and Le Batard wanted the inside scoop.

“You tried to rip his eyes out!” shouted Le Batard. “Or did he try to rip your eyes ? Who tried to rip whose eyes out there? Somebody tried to rip somebody’s eyes out there.”

Page, who did not want to discuss it, responded to Le Batard, “You can’t rev me up, dude. Are you serious?”

Pressing the issue, Le Batard shouted back, “Who tore out whose eyes? Did you try to tear out his eyes or did he try to tear out your eyes?”

That’s when DDP lost all control and began repeatedly referring to Le Batard as “monkey” and dropping F-bombs all over the place.

While the show’s TV producers were able to censor all of the cursing it appears that they weren’t so lucky on the radio broadcast.

Listeners and viewers of the show, needless to say, were blown away…

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