Dirk Nowitzki, The Latest Legend To Deteriorate To Shit Right Before Our Eyes

by 3 years ago

Peyton Manning is 40-years-old and can no longer even throw a TD pass in Madden. Kobe Bryant has shifted his dedication to thriving strictly on airballs. And now, Dirk Nowitzki is playing the game of basketball on poorly crafted roller skates, thanks to ruthless guard C.J. McCollum.

It’s not like Dirk has ever been the Bruce Bowen of defense, but this play looks like a guy in a pickup game chasing ghosts in slow motion after downing a few beers.

It’s all just very, very sad. But Dirk did make light it of to McCollum at the half, referring to himself as an old man. Gotta love the sense of humor.

[H/T @ABaptist27, TBL]

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