Disgusted Lifelong Browns Fans Vow To Quit Rooting For The Team After Deshaun Watson Trade Due To His Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Deshaun Watson

  • Deshaun Watson was traded to the Cleveland Browns and immediately signed a historic contract on Friday.
  • Some angry Browns fans are vowing to quit rooting for the team due to the Watson trade over his sexual assault lawsuits.
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Some Browns fans are not happy with the team’s big move.

On Friday, the Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson and gave him a massive $230 million fully guaranteed contract.

The base salary for Watson’s contract in the first year will be only $1 million due to the fact that the team expects him to get suspended while the NFL investigates the 22 sexual misconduct lawsuits filed against him.

Some lifelong Browns fans say they are going to quit rooting for the team because they can’t get behind Watson being the team’s QB.