Dodgers Fan Runs Onto Field To Give Out Flowers To Players, But Giants Outfielder Angel Pagan Drops Him

Running onto the field seems super fun except for that whole getting caught and being arrested part. Nevertheless, this Los Angeles Dodgers fan was compelled to run out on the field and give the opposing San Francisco Giants players flowers. Pretty welcoming if you ask me.

During the fourth inning of Friday night’s game, the fan ran onto the field with bunches of white flowers. The one player that he shouldn’t have handed flowers to is Giants outfielder Angel Pagan because he wasn’t having it. Pagan bodyslammed the flower-giving fan.

Oh no! The fan fell for the ole “Are those flowers for me? Sure I’ll take one.”


On the bright side, he seemed to be pretty okay with getting a hug from Pagan.

And he had the legendary Vin Scully call his onfield antics.