Dolphins DT Christian Wilkins ‘Holds-In; Amid Contract Negotiations

Christian Wilkins

Megan Briggs/Getty Image

Miami Dolphins talented defensive tackle Christian Wilkins is making a bold move by staging a “hold-in” as he awaits a new contract.

With a fifth-year option currently set to pay him $10.753 million, Wilkins has chosen to limit his participation in recent practice sessions, focusing only on individual drills and abstaining from team activities.

Speculation about Wilkins’ absence had been swirling, but Miami Dolphins’ Head Coach Mike McDaniel addressed the situation in a press conference on Wednesday.

McDaniel clarified that Wilkins’ absence is not due to injury concerns but rather a contract-related decision.

McDaniel praised Wilkins as a pivotal player both on and off the field, highlighting his significance within the locker room.

“Christian is such a good player, such an important person in the locker room, who has made it clear that he feels that his play is deserving of a contract,” McDaniel stated. “We would agree, as the Miami Dolphins organization. Henceforth, we are in negotiations. And as a result, he hasn’t been participating in team drills. When he next participates, that’ll be up to him.”

Last season, Wilkins exhibited his prowess by amassing impressive statistics, including 98 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and 7 quarterback hits in 2022.

His on-field performance has undoubtedly solidified his position as a key asset to the team’s defensive lineup.

Wilkins’ hold-in marks a strategic move in his pursuit of recognition and compensation that align with his contributions to the team.