Dolphins Left Tackle Terron Armstead Gets Carted Off During Joint Practice With The Texans

Terron Armstead

Kevin Sabitus/Getty Image

Miami Dolphins left tackle Terron Armstead was forced to leave the practice field today during a joint practice session with the Houston Texans due to an apparent leg injury.

The incident occurred during the 11-on-11 portion of the practice, as reported by Daniel Oyefusi of the Miami Herald.

Armstead, a pivotal player in the Dolphins’ offensive line, was on the field for the first play of drills but fell to the ground.

Struggling to rise promptly, he was immediately assisted by the training staff. The left tackle was then escorted to the sideline for a thorough assessment of his right leg.

Regrettably, Armstead’s condition did not improve, and the decision was made to transport him from the field using a cart.

The report revealed that he was unable to place any weight on his injured leg during this process.

Recognized as one of the premier left tackles in the NFL, Armstead’s health has been a recurring concern. Despite his immense talent, he has frequently battled injuries throughout his career.

In 10 years in the NFL, Armstead never played a full season.

In 2022, the Dolphins secured his services on a substantial five-year, $87.5 million contract during free agency.

Last season, Armstead managed to start 13 out of 17 games, showcasing his capabilities when fit. Nevertheless, his decade-long NFL journey has been marred by his inability to complete a full season uninjured.

As the Dolphins gear up for the forthcoming season, the status of their star left tackle is currently uncertain.