Dolphins Trade Leads Fans To Joke About Tyreek Hill & Jalen Ramsey

Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill

Getty Image / Bryan M. Bennett

The Miami Dolphins aren’t messing around after the front office made a big move to acquire Jalen Ramsey from the Los Angeles Rams.

Clearly, this team is going all-in for the 2023 season after making this trade.

However, once the deal was announced, NFL fans couldn’t help but make jokes about what Dolphins’ practices might look like between Jalen Ramsey and Tyreek Hill.

I mean, even Hill is excited about the matchup.

The Dolphins should be viewed as serious contenders after this trade. We just wish Hard Knocks was airing this team this year.

Maybe a different WWE matchup would have made more sense but we get the direction Barstool Sports was going here.

At least it’ll be in practice and not games.

This is probably accurate.

Nothing but respect from these two.

Dolphins fans are absolutely through the roof.

Watch out for Miami as they’re very clearly coming for the crown next season.