Dominic Raiola Suspended One Game For Completely Accidental Leg Stomp

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola has been suspended one game without pay for accidentally stomping on the leg of Chicago Bears’ Ego Ferguson. We know it was an accident because Raiola, who has six player-safety¬†infractions since 2010, said so.

“It was totally unintentional,” Raiola said, according to “I remember I was stumbling out. I didn’t see the end of it. I apologized at the end of the game, told him it was unintentional and we shook hands and that was it.”

Pretty dick move of the NFL to suspended a guy for stumbling if you ask me. Especially a guy with a sterling record of behavior.

The completely unfair ruling will halt Raiola’s consecutive games started streak at 99.