Donald Trump Responds To Colin Kaepernick’s Flag Protest By Saying He Should Leave The Country

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In a “you can’t script this because this is so patently absurd” paradox, Donald Trump, the man who has spent the past year delineating every single thing that is wrong with America — from crime to immigration to foreign policy and economic growth — said that the man who made one public demonstration about the state of affairs of this nation should leave the country.

Trump was asked about Colin Kaepernick sitting for the National Anthem during a preseason game — a decision Kaepernick said he made because of the racial injustices still facing this country — and had this to say.

“[Maybe] he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try. It won’t happen.”
Kaepernick was attempting to use a national platform to voice his displeasure about the current state of affairs and because Trump hasn’t been elected president yet, as far as I can tell, both their actions have achieved the exact same end.

So… yea.

And if you think that Donald Trump’s blustery proclamations about everything that is wrong with America are fine and Kaepernick’s small, silent attempt to raise awareness about a singular issue is wrong, well, you’ll just have to ask yourself why that is.

But you know the answer.

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