Donna Kelce May Have Revealed When We’ll See A Rematch Between The Philadelphia Eagles And Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Super Bowl

Getty Image / Adam Bow

Football fans got the great news yesterday that their wait for the NFL schedule would be over shortly.

The league will begin rolling out games tomorrow and by the end of the night on Thursday, we’ll know what the entire schedule for the 2023 season will look like.

However, it looks like there may have been some big schedule news leaked over the weekend that went unnoticed until today.

The Twitter account @NerdingOnNFL shared a screenshot of a Facebook post by Donna Kelce from Friday where she talked about the Chiefs being scheduled to play the Bears in Germany and when that game might be scheduled.

In a comment on the post, she revealed when the Kansas City Chiefs, whose star tight end is her son Travis, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who feature her son Jason at center, will be playing in 2023.

According to her post, they will meet at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 2 of the NFL season.

If this is actually the case for the Chiefs, it means they’ll have quite the start to the season.

Their season opener will be the first game of the NFL season on Thursday Night Football at Arrowhead because they are the defending champs. With it being such an important game, the NFL will likely have the Chiefs playing another one of the league’s top teams and they have plenty to choose from.

The Bengals, Bills, and Chargers are all set to visit Arrowhead this year and any one of them could be the Week 1 opponent.

Any of them paired with the Eagles is a pretty tough 2-game stretch for any team even at home.

The league hasn’t even actually released their schedule yet and fans could already get to start looking forward to one of the biggest matchups of the year.