Draymond Green Fires Back At NBA Over Suspension

Warriors star Draymond Green

Getty Image / Loren Elliott

Heading into the playoff series between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings, the veteran savvy and experience of the Warriors was expected to be a big advantage for them.

In Game 2, they looked like the team that hadn’t seen the playoffs since 2006.

The Kings took control of the game late while one of the Warriors’ stars completely lost his composure.

With just over 7 minutes left in the game, Steph Curry grabbed a rebound off of a Malik Monk miss.

While the ball was loose, Domantas Sabonis ended up on the ground and after the Warriors got possession, Sabonis grabbed Draymond Green’s leg as he was trying to head down the floor.

Draymond responded by stomping on the midsection of Sabonis. He was quickly ejected from the game upon review of the play and was eventually suspended by the NBA for Game 3 of the series.

The Warriors won that game back on their home floor to avoid eliminate the possibility of a sweep.

Today, Draymond discussed the suspension that caused him to miss his team’s big win on The Draymond Green Podcast and it was pretty clear he didn’t agree with the decision.

“I never knew you could be suspended for a flagrant 2 that happened seven years ago,” Green said. “I also didn’t know you got suspended for interacting with a crowd that’s flipping you double birds.”

It’s not surprising that Draymond is unhappy with the suspension, especially after seeing Joel Embiid’s actions during yesterday’s 76ers game that didn’t even get him removed from that game.

Still, Draymond has to know better in that situation. He’s been in the NBA for more than a decade and should be away that referees and the league are going to be watching him especially closely given his history.

He has a chance to move past it now if he can put together strong play the rest of this series and help the Warriors finish working their way back from the 2-0 start to the series.