A Drunken Del Rio Defends Paige Over Leaked Photos, Attacks WWE And Says Triple H Has A Small Piece


WWE star Paige was one of the celebrities who was a victim of the Fappening 2.0 last month. The two-time women’s champion had an explicit video and photos leaked online. An intoxicated Alberto Del Rio said that when you’re drunk, “that’s when the good stuff comes out.” Well, he’s right and he proved it in a drunken rant. The former WWE Champion and current Impact star drunkenly ranted against the WWE, Triple H, and online trolls.

Del Rio, who was in Times Square in New York City with Paige, released a boozy Periscope video on Thursday night where he took shots at his former employer.

“I don’t work for [WWE] anymore”, said El Patron. “Thank God. So I’m not PG.”

Del Rio, who admitted that he was a “little bit drunk,” also appears to go after Triple H and accuses him of releasing the leaked pics.

“I know it was you, motherfucker, I know you did this to me, to my baby,” Del Rio ranted. “But I’m gonna prove it was you, piece of shit.”

“I’m close to Stanford (Where the WWE’s headquarters are located) so I could go pay a visit to somebody. That’s where all the pussies live. Hey, big nose with the small dick.”

He also raged about internet trolls and challenged them to a fight.

“For the ones out there supporting us – thank you so much,” he said. “And for the ones not supporting us go and fuck yourself.”

“And if you have the balls just knock on my door in San Antonio,” El Patron said. “Just go and fight me there if you have the balls.”

“If you have the balls to come and say something bad about my wife in front of me – have the balls to show up, bitch.”

He also said that he and Paige were getting married in June and joked that she was pregnant. He added that Paige, who is currently rehabbing from a neck injury, wasn’t coming back to wrestling until he said she could.

Paige attempts to shut down the Periscope session several times but to no avail.

Paige, who’s real name Saraya-Jade Bevis, was seen in leaked video with a man performing a sex act on her NXT Women’s Championship belt.

Del Rio was not joking when he said when you’re drunk, that’s when the good stuff comes out.