Duke Brutally Trolled Clemson Before Pulling Massive Upset Of Tigers

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The Duke Blue Devils pulled off a massive upset of the Clemson Tigers on Monday night.

But before the two teams even took the field, the Blue Devils had already found a way to one up the Tigers and, particularly, coach Dabo Swinney.

In the week leading up to the contest, Swinney discussed his distaste for playing in Duke’s Wallace Wade Stadium.

“The other unique thing about (the stadium) that I do not like, and nobody likes that plays at Duke, is you have to — I mean, it’s like a two- or three-minute walk,” Swinney said, according to The State. “It’s a long way to get to the locker room. A long way. And in college football, you barely have enough time to go to the bathroom and talk for 30 seconds in there and it’s time to go again.”

This, of course, comes from the head coach of the team that takes a bus from its locker room to its stadium for home games before running down a large hill onto the field.

Well, Duke didn’t seem to take too kindly to Swinney’s comments. Because in addition to the long walk to the field from the visiting locker room, the Blue Devils also put a number of bounce houses between the locker room and the field, causing Clemson to go around them.

Fans found the idea hilarious.

The trolling seems to have worked. Duke got out to a 3-0 lead early on and never looked back en route to a resounding 35-14 victory.

“This is Duke football,” Blue Devils coach Mike Elko said after the game . “We’ve got the best of both worlds. A chance to really compete and do amazing things on and off the field. This is what I envisioned Duke could be when I took this job.”

Swinney, meanwhile, is left licking his wounds and maybe watching his words a little more carefully.