Duke and UNC Managers Fight During Annual Rivalry Game

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The video appears to be recorded with the same camera that captured Bigfoot—but the rivalry is real. SO REAL. Every year Duke’s managers face UNC’s, and the intensity is comparable to what happens on Wednesday night. On the court at least. Maybe not in the stands.

Last year, Duke won on a buzzer beater and there was an actual, semi-legit court storming in Cameron. This year, with the first game at the Dean Dome, things went in a different direction.

At the end of the first half, a North Carolina manager grabbed a rebound and swung his elbow to create space in the box. He hit a freshman Dukie hard enough in the face to knock him to the floor. A (pretty tame) scuffle ensued, and teammates had to step in to keep the combatants from decking each other. When the dust cleared, no one was hurt—but still, DAMN. These are the managers! Not the players, not the players, not the players. The managers!

Bonus hilarious YouTube description:

A Duke manager forgets he is in the Dean Dome and tries to get a little scrappy going for a rebound … he is quickly reminded this is Tar Heel territory.

UNC’s managers won, by the way, 38-33. And if you’re betting on tonight’s game, keep in mind this has zero effect on anything that happens. Do with that information what you will.

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