Two Bros Took The ‘Dumb and Dumber’ Shaggin’ Wagon To A FSU Frat House To Tailgate

In honor of Dumb and Dumber To hitting theaters on Nov 14th, two bros from Barstool Sports are going around to various campuses in the actual ‘Mutt Cutts’ van tailgating and partying with some of our nation’s best and brightest. Below is the first episode of their six-part series in which they’ve brought the Shaggin’ Wagon to a frat house at FSU for some tailgating.

Check out the video on Barstool Sports by CLICKING HERE or one of the images below.

Highlights from the video include Barstool Smokeshow ‘Christina’ giving us a fashion show of her best FSU outfits (as well as an unexpected method of picking the ND vs. FSU game)

Check out the video on Barstool Sports by clicking HERE.