The Durham Bulls Are Having A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Night So Everyone Will Probably Die


Minor League Baseball has two goals.

  1. To serve as a farm system for Major League clubs
  2. To act like a party-obsessed frat that throws theme soirees every single week

We all loved Seinfeld Night. We’re all looking forward to Saved by the Bell Night. But the Durham Bulls just rendered the other nostalgic-fueled events pointless by announcing Game of Thrones Night.

Spring, you see, is coming.

Nuke Laloosh’s former squad will pull out all the stops. All of them.

  • Good guys & bad guys: we’re playing the Charlotte Knights on 4/23…yes, we did that on purpose.
  • Awesome costumes: The Bulls will wear custom theme jerseys. We’re going to make you wait to see those (but trust us, they’ll be in more demand than dragon eggs).
  • Plot twists: Lots of inning breaks means lots of GoT-themed entertainment. Some things you might expect, some you won’t.
  • The Wall: Theirs is made of ice and keeps out the undead. Ours is made of blue-painted wood and keeps balls in play. Close enough.
  • MLB Advanced Media: Baseball’s internet arm will power the HBO NOW streaming service (which will launch in time for Game of Thrones’ season five premiere) and it powers We’re cousins in technology.
  • Lavish food & drink: Game of Thrones Night falls on a $1 concessions Thursday…you’ll feel as rich as a Lannister with all the $1 hot dogs you can buy. Plus, the DBAP’s selection of spirits rivals the finest outputs from the Arbor.
  • Spirit animals: The Starks have dire wolves, we’ve got Wool E. Bull.

Now, they say there will be no dramatic deaths. Excuse us if we don’t believe them. This show’s stunned us too many times to get complacent.

Here’s hoping George R. Martin doesn’t decide to swing down to check it out. Between this and weighing in on the New York Jets, it seems he’s barely leaving any time to write anymore.

[H/T: Hit Bull Win Blog]