Dustin Johnson Heavily Implies Adult Time With Paulina Gretzky Caused Back Injury

Dustin Johnson and wife Paulina Gretzky

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The vast majority of professional athletes who end up getting sidelined by an injury can usually chalk it up to something that transpired during a sporting event or something going wrong while they were practicing or training.

With that said, plenty of people have been sidelined for some less conventional reasons; Sammy Sosa once threw out his back by sneezing too hard, and a Blue Jays outfielder landed on the DL after crashing through a glass table thanks to a nightmare he had about spiders.

Dustin Johnson hasn’t been immune to some similar setbacks over the course of his career. In 2017, the golfer was forced to withdraw from The Masters when he injured his back after slipping and falling down a set of stairs, and he cited a similar ailment when he skipped the Saudi International earlier this year.

Johnson didn’t offer many details into the specifics aside from saying his withdrawal was the result of “tweaking his back,” although we got a bit more insight into what exactly led to that courtesy of the cheeky press conference he held while gearing up for the PGA Championship.

On Wednesday, DJ addressed the members of the media who gathered at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY ahead of the first round on Thursday.

During the press conference, a reporter in attendance tried to get some more info concerning the nature of Johnson’s back injury by asking if it was the result of him swinging a club or picking up one of his two sons.

The golfer cracked a knowing smile while denying it was related to either of those activities before saying, “Yeah, lifting up a kid—a bigger kid,” which essentially led to one conclusion: the injury in question was the result of some, um, adult time with his wife Paulina Gretzky.

There are certainly worse ways to mess up your back.

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