EA Sports Pushing Forward With NCAA Football Game Despite Lawsuit

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Getty Image / SOPA Images

The new NCAA Football game that EA Sports is planning to release next year has been facing some legal issues recently.

It was announced not long ago that the Brandr Group placed a lawsuit on the popular video game company over athlete compensation.

Since the news broke, many college football fans looking forward to the game have been worried the game will never be released.

But, fear not, as EA Sports claims they are pushing forward with the set release date, per On3 and The Athletic.

“Set to be the game’s first edition since 2013, EA told The Athletic on Thursday the complaint will not have an impact on the timeline or release date.”

In fact, developers at EA claim the upcoming title “is a priority.” If that’s the case, then EA Sports is likely going to do everything possible to ensure the game is released in 2024.

Additionally, the popular video game company claims the Brandr Group’s lawsuit doesn’t have “any merit.” The reason being, EA states they have not offered a deal to athletes just yet, per On3.

“There has been speculation around our plans, but it is just that – speculation. To be clear, we have not yet made any offers to any college athletes for this game.”

Even so, this game has faced problem after problem since EA Sports announced they were bringing the college football game back.

It was originally planned to be released this year, however, the company opted to push the release date back to summer 2024.

Hopefully, this game does release, because like you, I’ve been patiently waiting for 10 years for this game to come out.