EA Sports Is Getting Closer To Releasing To Its New NCAA Football Game And Fans Cannot Wait

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  • EA Sports last made an NCAA Football game in 2013.
  • The video game studio is set to revive the popular franchise after the NCAA passed new rules regarding Name, Imagine and Likeness rights.
  • New reports say the game could be coming sooner rather than later, with a 2023 release date planned.

EA Sports NCAA Football may well be the best sports game franchise of all-time.

Whether it’s Dynasty Mode, or Road to Glory or any of creative features the game has had over the years, sports fans absolutely love the series.

Unfortunately, EA Sports stopped making the game in 2013 after a lawsuit from former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon claiming the company wrongfully profited from the use of his likeness.

Now that the NCAA has allowed athletes to profit on their name, image and likeness, EA Sports is back in the game.

EA Sports Sets Date For NCAA Football Revival

According to the Extra Points newsletter by Matt Brown, EA Sports has pinpointed a July 2023 release for the new game.

The report also delves into details about EA Sports’ plans for the new game. Those include the return and expansion of school-specific songs and chants, more realistic school stadiums and spirit stickers on helmets.

Brown reports that “nearly 120 institutions, athletic conferences and bowl games” have “conceptually approved participation.”

Beyond that, he includes the following regarding school payouts:

“Each school’s guarantee is determined by their “Tier”, according to the 2021 memo. A school’s Tier is based on the number of AP Top 25 finishes over a ten year period, a period that will include the 2022 college football season. According to the memo, those tier amounts are:

Tier 1: $104,900, Tier 2: $62,900, Tier 3: $41,900, Tier 4: $10,400.”

Brown adds that EA is working to pay players for use of their likeness but is having issues trying to secure a group license.

The full report can be found above and either way we are absolutely jacked up to see a new NCAA Football game and so are fans.

EA Sports NCAA Football is back, and the world is a better place because of it.