Jalen Hurts On Eagles Return To Super Bowl: ‘You’re F—— Right’

Jalen Hurts

Cooper Neill/Getty Image

Eagles‘ star quarterback Jalen Hurts, gracing the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated issue, has spoken about his team’s heartrending Super Bowl loss against the Kansas City Chiefs in February.

Following the Eagles’ close defeat to the Chiefs, Hurts exhibited remarkable accountability, insisting that he should bear the responsibility for the loss due to his pivotal first-half fumble.

The fumble, occurring during the second quarter, was returned for a game-changing touchdown, ultimately playing a substantial role in the narrow 35-38 outcome.

In the aftermath of the defeat, an encouraging moment transpired between Hurts and an Eagles staff member.

The staff member offered reassurance, stating, “Bro, you’re a big reason we got here, and you’re a big reason we’re gonna get back, and we’re gonna finish this thing.” In response, Hurts locked eyes and unreservedly affirmed, “You’re f—— right.”

Despite the loss, Hurts delivered a standout performance during the Super Bowl, arguably surpassing Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes in key aspects.

From a statistical perspective, Hurts secured an impressive four total touchdowns and amassed nearly 400 yards in total offense. By comparison, Mahomes managed three touchdowns and fewer than 185 passing yards.

However, the pivotal moment of the game came from Hurts’ fumble, which was converted into a Chiefs touchdown. That costly play significantly influenced the final score of 35-38, resulting in the Eagles falling just short of victory.