Two Eagles Players Carted Off After Suffering Neck Injuries Against The Browns

Shannon Sharpe

Rob Carr/Getty Image

During their pre-season game against the Cleveland Browns, the Philadelphia Eagles were saw two of their players being carted off the field due to neck injuries.

Defensive lineman Moro Ojomo and wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland both endured unsettling moments that prompted immediate medical attention.

Wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland suffered a severe impact on his head and neck during a play in the third quarter. After landing awkwardly, Cleveland remained prone on the field, prompting medical personnel to act swiftly.

Cleveland was carefully placed onto a backboard before being gingerly transferred onto a stretcher. Despite the alarming scene, the Eagles’ medical team confirmed that Cleveland retains movement in all of his extremities.

Cleveland’s neck injury is being treated with the utmost care, though initial indications suggest that the injury might not be as severe as initially feared.

Similarly, rookie defensive tackle Moro Ojomo faced a harrowing moment during the fourth quarter of the game.

Ojomo was attended to by medical professionals who took every precaution, placing him on a backboard before carting him off the field.

Fortunately, Ojomo was able to provide a reassuring thumbs-up and wave to the concerned crowd as he left the playing area.

Like Cleveland, Ojomo’s neck injury was announced by the Eagles, but it was disclosed that he too had maintained sensation in his extremities.