Watch Highlight Reel Of LeBron’s 9-Year-Old Son Dominating Top Tournament

He has great court vision. Superb handle. Unselfish. Nice compact jumper. All characteristics that LeBron James Jr. seems to have received from his dad.

Quite a developed game that LeBron James Jr. has, especially once you consider he’s in the 4th grade.

LeBron Jr. plays for Houston’s Gulf Coast Blue Chips. He flashed some of his basketball brilliance at the 2014 Ronald Searles Holiday Classic in Houston. It showcased the nation’s top 4th graders in this tournament that must have college scouts drooling.

The 9-year-old mini LeBron really makes these other kids on the court look like 4th graders. Oh wait.

After the game, LeBron tweeted out this amazing highlight reel and congratulated his son, Bronny.

He could start for the New York Knicks today.