Fans Split On Whether Ed Cooley’s Decision To Leave Providence Was A Career Move Or A Betrayal

Ed Cooley looks on during a Providence game.

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Ed Cooley made the shocking announcement to leave Providence for a Big East rival this week. The head coach accepted a job with Georgetown on Monday.

The news sent shockwaves throughout the college basketball world, creating a major debate amongst fans and followers. A line has been drawn in the sand, with those fans now finding themselves on either end of a huge argument.

Should the move be viewed as a career move for Cooley or a betrayal to Providence?

Let’s break down the opinion of each side before coming to a decision. We’ll begin with the argument that the move from Providence to Georgetown represents a step up.

The Hoyas were once the top dog in college basketball, winning the 1984 national title. In its history, the program has made five Final Fours, won 11 conference and regular season championships, and recorded 31 NCAA Tournament appearances.

Alumni include Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, and Alonzo Mourning. The opportunity to recruit top notch talent sits right in the backyard with the Hoyas playing in Washington DC.

While they’ve seen struggles of late, Georgetown is still considered a top job with a prestigious history.

And nine out of ten times, you’d be told that it’s certainly a better job than Providence. But Ed Cooley’s situation was different.

Cooley was born in Providence and is a Rhode Island native. He fittingly became the leader of his hometown program in 2011. Since taking over, he’s led the Friars to seven NCAA Tournaments and a Sweet 16. Things appeared to be trending in a similar direction in 2022 with the team starting the year 17-5.

Unfortunately, the season unraveled shortly thereafter.

Providence dropped seven of its final 11 games, including each of the last four. Ironically, Cooley’s last win came against the Hoyas.

When the season ended, Cooley listed his Rhode Island home, signaling the end of his time in Providence. It then came out that the original agreement was actually signed midseason, right after that matchup against Georgetown.

Rumors swirled about his already having had an agreement in place with Georgetown, with some even claiming that he was recruiting for the Hoyas while still employed with Providence.

Fans and media are split on their opinions of the move.

John Fanta of FOX said, “”Ed Cooley is taking the Georgetown job because…he thinks he can win a National Championship at Georgetown University.”

College basketball insider Jeff Goodman echoed that sentiment by posting, “[Cooley] was there for 12 YEARS and left for a BETTER job.”

Others, however, disagree.

Providence’s AD Steve Napolillo threw some shade Cooley’s way after the deal was done.

Making things worse for the Friars, it looks like Cooley is taking his coaching staff with him to Georgetown.

Two of the Friars’ top three commits have also re-opened their recruitment, a sign that there could be even more fallout from Ed Cooley’s move.

With all of that being said, where do you fall?

Georgetown is getting a top coach who already knows the Big East landscape. He’ll look to lead them back to college basketball relevance. And for Cooley, it’s a step up in his career progression.

Providence, meanwhile, is left picking up the pieces after being rejected by a hometown legend.

Which side of the fence to you find yourself on?