Edgar Berlanga Feels Like He Can Destroy Any Boxer In His Way Including Canelo Alvarez, Vows To Prove It Vs Jason Quigley

Edgar Berlanga in the ring

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Undefeated 168-pound super middleweight Edgar Berlanga returns to the ring for the first time in a year against Jason Quigley on Saturday, June 24th at Madison Square Garden in a fight that will air live on DAZN

We sat down with Berlanga who feels like he’s back to his old self after struggling in his last fight against Alexis Angulo.

According to Berlanga, he took a year off to get his career back on track and is now training with his old trainer Marc Farrai.

“Coming off a year layoff, you know, I was just trying to get everything situated, you know, trying to get out the contract, trying to get back on my old team, and, you know, everything happened just the way I needed to happen.”

Berlanga recently left Top Rank promotions and signed with Matchroom Boxing earlier this year due to creative differences about his future with his now previous promoter.

“We had a lot of differences with Top Rank, you know, all the things that we wanted they didn’t want and things that they wanted we didn’t want.

“We landed with Matchroom and Eddie Hearn..with them they see the vision and see everything that we wanted to do., they wanted to do it as well.”

One of the reasons Berlanga signed with Matchroom is due to promoter Eddie Hearn’s relationship with Canelo Alvarez and Hearn’s plan to get the Puerto Rican superstar a fight against the biggest name in boxing in what could potentially be a huge fight.

“For me it’s huge man. Because right now I’m the hottest 168 out right now, you know. I don’t have a title or whatnot. Well I know, you know, I could fight and I got a crazy fan base. You know, and I got an island behind me.

“Puerto Rico supports me. So that’s playing a major key factor right now in the situation, you know? And also, I’m just chasing legacy like I want I want a title I want to win. So we’ve got that division, you know, and I feel like right now is just the right time to do it. You know, and I got the right promoter.”

The young Puerto Rican boxing star believes he’s in the right mindset to destroy anyone put in front of him and vows to prove it this weekend against Quigley.

“You know I’m in the right state mentally… I feel like right now I’m back to who I was. You know that aggressive fighter with that killer mindset…I feel like anything that comes my way I’m going to destroy”

“You know, I really got to get through this weekend impressively, and then we could talk bigger fights.”

(interview edited for length and clarity.)

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