Eli Manning Explained That Video Of Him Looking Shell Shocked After His Brother Peyton Won The Super Bowl

We’ve all seen it – that video of Eli Manning sporting that face you make when you try to punch out a fart and it turns out you’ve just shat your pants instead. For all we know Eli could’ve just shat his pants, but at the same time coincidentally his older brother Peyton had just won the Super Bowl. So either Eli’s face was because Peyton had just tied him in Super Bowl wins, because he had a unfortunate lapse in judgment in the case of whether his fart was actually a fart or not, or because he was really “focused” (his wording, not mine). When asked by a TMZ reporter “The Internet is reacting to your face when they [Broncos] scored that touchdown – what happened?” Eli responded:

“I was focused on whether they were going for two. The defense had to step up, an extra stop.”

Uh huh, riiiiiight. Whatever you say Eli, we both know what really went down that day…