Eli Manning Delivered A Sick Burn On Peyton Manning That Left Peyton Hurting Emotionally During Manningcast

Eli Manning hit Peyton Manning with a deep cut during Monday Night’s edition of the Manningcast.

During the Broncos-Seahawks game, Russell Wilson, who reportedly left the Seahawks on bad terms, was loudly booed in his first game in Seattle.

Shannon Sharpe appeared on the Manningcast as a guest in the fourth quarter of the game and asked Peyton if he was booed when he returned to play against the Colts. Eli immediately interjected and reminded everyone that Peyton was cut by the Colts, so his situation was different than Wilson’s situation.

For those who don’t remember, Manning was cut by the Colts in 2012 because they didn’t want to pay him $28 million in guaranteed bonus money. Peyton would eventually sign with the Broncos and the Colts went on to draft Andrew Luck.

Peyton looked hurt when Eli brought up the fact he was cut by the Colts.


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