Elon Baseball Player Crushes Bird With Line Drive During Wild Randy Johnson-Esque Moment (Video)

Elon University Athletics

  • Elon baseball’s Alex Iadisernia did something that he will likely never do again on Saturday.
  • The Phoenix slugger nailed a bird flying through the outfield with a line drive and it’s wild.
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Whether a person knows baseball or not, he or she has likely seen — or at least, heard of — the moment in which Randy Johnson obliterated a bird with a fastball. It is one of the most famous moments in MLB history and the stories from that day are incredibly entertaining.

Well, something extremely similar happened over the weekend, but it isn’t going to get the recognition it deserves. It is truly wild.

James Madison baseball is hosting Elon for a three-game homestand this weekend. Although the visiting Phoenix lost the first two games, they had the best moment of the series on Saturday.

At one point during the game, an Elon batter straight-up nailed a bird with a line drive.

Redshirt sophomore Alex Iadisernia stepped into the box and drove a ball deep toward centerfield. For a moment, it looked and sounded like it might have been gone.

It wasn’t.

A bird came flying across the field and just so happened to be in the perfectly wrong place at the perfectly wrong time. The bird got smacked by the ball and completely deadened the outward momentum.

Unlike with Johnson’s famous heater, the bird that got smacked by Iadisernia’s hit did not completely evaporate into thin air. It was clearly shook up, but kept flying.

Here is a video of the wild, rarely — if ever — seen moment. The bird can be seen flying in from the left side of the screen and crosses in front of the lights in left field at the four-second mark, for reference.

Take a look:

Perhaps the bird that was hit by a Phoenix was a Phoenix and will respawn like something out of Harry Potter. Either way, what a moment it was!