GRAPHIC: Holy Shit! This English Soccer Fan Had His Ear Ripped Off in Bloody Bite Attack

Luis Suarez apparently is not just an inspiration to his home country of Uruguay, but Suarez-mania has swept the entire planet. After Thursday’s World Cup match between England and Uruguay, one English fan attacked a fellow countryman in a savage attack that left the victim sans one ear lobe. A scuffle broke out in the top tier of the Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo. Apparently one man called the other a “black [EXPLETIVE]” and during the melee the one English hooligan went all Suarez and chomped off the other man’s entire ear lobe. (Side note: How much does Mike Tyson love Luis Suarez? Iron Mike is no longer the go-to figure when people are giving examples of savage ear-biting because that honor goes to Suarez.) Blood covered the victim’s shirt because of the gruesome attack. What a shitty time for this poor bloke. England was unceremoniously eliminated from the World Cup, he gets into a huge brawl that wasn’t even against another country’s fans and he gets his ear chomped off. On the bright side, he can dress as Vincent van Gogh for Halloween.

The video is not for the faint of heart, and features a very graphic and gory scene.