ESPN Announces Plan To Show ACC Games In Movie Theaters, CFB Fans Aren’t Sure How To React

Movie goers sit in a theater.


ESPN announced a partnership with Theater Sports Network which will allow them to show ACC games in movie theaters this season. The deal has made a major splash on social media.

College football fans and followers continue to react to the news, though not everyone is sure how the new plan will go over.

The two sports networks announced the agreement on Tuesday in a press release.

ESPN has entered into a theatrical distribution agreement with Theater Sports Network to televise Atlantic Coast Conference college football games at movie theaters. Additionally, the agreement covers the New Year’s Six Bowl games… and the College Football Playoff National Championship Presented by AT&T. In all, the agreement includes approximately 75 games during the 2023-24 college football season.

ACC games that air on ESPN platforms are available for Theater Sports Network distribution in the away team markets – or in both home and away markets for neutral site games. The cost of attendance to watch the games will be determined by participating local theaters. For more information and a schedule of games in specific areas, fans can visit

Not only does the agreement include ACC games, but it also covers the New Year’s Six Bowls which include the Peach, Cotton, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, and Rose Bowls, as well as the national title game.

ESPN says that the conference games will be aired in road team markets, with exceptions made for neutral game sites. In all, approximately 75 matchups will be aired in movie theaters.

“We believe movie theaters are the next great frontier for live sporting events,” Scott Daw, president of Theater Sports Network said of the ESPN/ACC deal. “Theaters have the ability to generate excitement around live sporting events. These events will replicate the feel of a football stadium experience as fans gather and fill theaters to watch the games on the big screen.”

While it’s certainly an interesting idea, college football fans aren’t quite sure how to feel about it. Check out the immediate online reaction.

Imagine watching your team get blown out on a 70-foot screen.

“Anybody who buys tickets to watch Syracuse vs. Virginia in a theater belongs on a federal watch list,” this person replied.

While some joked about the idea, there were others who showed genuine excitement following the announcement.

Get you popcorn ready for the 2023 season, folks. You can tune in Week 1.